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Actress Off Duty

Diane Kruger

Guided by the iconic muses of our past — from Bardot on the beach To Breakfast with Audrey  — our exclusive cover stories Channel the Luxury & Lost Glamour of Hollywood with a modern fashion sensibility. 

The multitasking actress plays a version of herself—a starlet off camera on location. 

This cover story on Diane Kruger is a 360 campaign which involvs a few editorial pieces on The Violet Files (the cover story and a tutorial which interweaves the products used on her), a behind the scenes video in the Paramount lot, and social to tease and launch the campaign, along with emails promoting the stories and beauty looks.

This image (above) was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s BUtterfield 8 in 1960 (see below).

photography by David Bellemere
written by Christine Whitney

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Hollywood Hair &

Modern Matte Lips Tutorial

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